Access to MS SQL from Linux?

Benji York benji at
Fri Sep 24 05:19:09 CEST 2004

There is a very cool project called ODBTP (Open DataBase Transport
Protocol) at  It consists of a service
that runs on a Windows server and connects to any ODBC data source
available on that machine.  You then use the ODBTP client to connect
to the service and send SQL commands and retrieve the results.

It's written in C and it includes a PHP module, but I've developed
Python bindings for it (following the DB API 2.0).  I've been trying
to contact the project leader to see if he would like to add it to the
project, but haven't been successfull yet.  If you're interested I'll
email you a copy (it's LGPL).  If there is more general interest, I'll
distribute it more widely.

Benji York
benji at

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