Question: tools for business apps development

Carlos Ribeiro carribeiro at
Wed Sep 8 16:51:39 CEST 2004

Hello all,

Thanks to all that have contributed so far. Some very good suggestions
have appeared. I still have my concerns over XUL. Flash is also
another matter -- it requires yet another set of knowledge and tools
before starting to write code. But nonetheless, all these approaches
have their own advantages, namely a richer user experience than it's
possible with plain HTML (or even Tk). So they're really worth

As a dig deeper in the search of a business development paradigm for
Python, the more problems I find. It's not only lack of tools. It's
also the lack of a common idiom to write business apps. Each and every
library around uses a different approach to map business objects and
concepts to Python's code. Each one ties things together in a
different way. It's surprising, considering that in Python normally
"there is one way to do it". Not this is a show stopper -- it only
shows how far we are now from something like J2EE.

I'll keep looking around and checking more stuff. As far as the user
interface is concerned --  I'll probably do it simple, using HTML and
Javascript. Yes, I'm going to implement a webapp, instead of a native
Windows app, or at least that's the current choice (my friend changed
his mind over this). But I'll keep posting my progress.

Carlos Ribeiro
Consultoria em Projetos
mail: carribeiro at
mail: carribeiro at

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