So I guess PyUI is long abandonded? What else is there?

Martin Maney maney at
Sun Sep 19 16:56:57 CEST 2004

Carlos Ribeiro <carribeiro at> wrote:
> stable stage. The win32 ZIP file that I've downloaded does not contain
> any windows specific dll, pyd or exe file, but only pure Python code.

Sorry, 100% Python code is no more inherently portable than 100% C
code.  It's avoiding non-portable libraries and etc. that make the
difference in both cases.

> Are your sure that it will not work for you? What is the latest
> version you tried?

See longer reply in this thread, and yes, I'm sure it would be like
pissing into the wind... the wind along the Gulf coast last week.  :-(

I didn't write a whole, free operating system, either.  I wrote some pieces
and invited other people to join me by writing other pieces.  So I set an
example.  I said, "I'm going in this direction.  Join me and we'll get
there." And enough people joined in that we got there.  -- R M Stallman

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