ANN:A wxHtmlWindow forms implementation.

Tom B. sbabbitt at
Mon Sep 13 20:56:12 CEST 2004

"Carlos Ribeiro" <carribeiro at> wrote in message 
news:mailman.3244.1095095969.5135.python-list at
> Tom,
> I've downloaded your code but wasn't able to run the demo. It stops
> with a "no module named Main" exception. In fact, no such module is
> mentioned in your message.
> BTW, it would be useful if you added a small description to your
> package announcement -- what it does, what is it useful for, etc. I'm
> checking it out of curiosity, but I admit that I don't know exactly
> what to expect.
> Best regards,
I misunderstood your reply and I apologize if my reply was an insult to your 
intelligence. The demo code is a demo but it is for the wxPython demo 
program, have a look at the demo code in the 'wxHtmlWindow' subsection of 
the 'more Windows/Controls section and compare the code to my demo code.


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