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Fri Sep 10 16:10:13 CEST 2004

CBFalconer wrote:

> Chuck Dillon wrote:
> ... snip ...
>>It's easy to say we *don't* need but not so easy to demonstrate. 
>>You don't even offer a hand wave attempt at articulating an
>>alternative. In the political world everything is subject to
>>debate.  Taking the war to the middle east, increasing policing
>>powers, increasing intelligence capabilities...  But in the real
>>world there is a huge threat and action must be taken.
> Must it?  I am not claiming that it must not, but that the matter
> deserves more thought than a panic reaction.  The very first thing
> to settle should be the objectives.  Then the means and costs of
> achieving such can be considered.

Your choice to charactize things in terms like "panic reaction" doesn't 
make it so.  If their was a rush to act by a pseudo-democratic 
government it is because the "loyal opposition" chooses to act in 
concert with the majority party.  There was virtually no resistance 
from the Democrat side when debating the effective declaration of war 
on Iraq nor the Patriot Act.  If you got the impression of panic it 
comes from the bipartisan nature of the actions taken.

-- ced

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