Running scripts without installing Python?

Jason Zheng jzheng at
Thu Sep 16 21:56:55 CEST 2004

hepp wrote:
> Is it possible to run a Python script in Windows without installing
> Python on your machine first?
> At my work we are using a mixed environment - some have Solaris
> workstations and others PC's. I have written an application in
> wxPython that runs in both Unix and Solaris. For the Unix version I
> put an installation of Python on a network drive that everybody can
> access, but in Windows everybody has to download Python and wxPython
> before they can run the application.
> Is it possible to put a global installation on a network drive in
> Windows as well? I tried, but then it complained that it couldn't find
> some dll files when I ran the application from another computer.
> I have also tried to compile the application to an executable binary
> with py2exe, but it didn't work properly.
How about compiling it to binary code?

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