Converting integers to english representation

Martin Maney maney at
Wed Sep 8 20:40:07 CEST 2004

brianc at wrote:
> I'm developing a system to parse and enumerate addresses. The
> current obstacle is numbered streets. Does anybody know of a
> module already written to convert integers to their english
> equivalents?

The suggestion about searching for "ordinal" is good, but runs into all
those unicode false hits.  :-(

It isn't quite the same as either of your examples, and it goes only
one way, but this is what I'm using in one app where I want ordinalized
day numbers:

def _ord_sfx(decade):
    if decade != 1:
        return ('th', 'st', 'nd', 'rd', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th')
    return ('th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th', 'th')

def ordinalize(n):
    decade = (n % 100) / 10
    unit = n % 10
    return '%d%s' % (n, _ord_sfx(decade)[unit])

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