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Patrick Scheible kkt at drizzle.com
Tue Sep 14 19:15:27 CEST 2004

Chuck Dillon <spam at nimblegen.com> writes:

> Coby Beck wrote:
> >>
> >>And, of course, entertaining the possibility that his agenda is just
> >>what he says it is, is completely out of the question.
> > Not out of the question, be obviously untrue.
> Again, I'll point out that it is naive to put this entirely on the
> administration.  We're in Iraq because we effectively declared
> war. The dance with the U.N. went on for some 3 months.  It was clear
> where we were headed.  Our congress, including Kerry and all of the
Not all.  I'm happy to say my representative and one of my senators
voted against the resolution authorizing the war.

Congress doesn't have its own intelligence service.  If the
administration claims to have clear evidence that a country has WMD
there's only so much that a minority party in congress can do to find
out if the administration is lying or engaged in wishful thinking.

-- Patrick

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