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Wed Sep 8 20:40:09 CEST 2004

Mentre io pensavo ad una intro simpatica "Alex Martelli" scriveva:

>> > Your choice is then to either upgrade to a better browser (IE has been
>> > stagnant in features for years, resting on its laurels) or to drive IE
>> > more intimately and "proprietarily" -- with win32com you can probably
>> > make it turn somersaults, although your hair will whiten considerably
>> > while you learn how to do so.
>> Actually I use Firebird ;-)
> Nice database engine, but not much of a browser.  Maybe you mean
> Firefox;-?

You are right, but once Firefox was called Firebird, and before that it
was called Phoenix :-)

>> I'm studying this syntax in order to implement it in XPN, the newsreader
>> I'm writing. I'd like to use it when the article has a 
>> "Followup-To: poster". 
>> So I need a simple and multiplatform solution.
>> However I found that I can use an encoded form of the newline (%0A) that
>> works with IE (I haven't tried yet with different browsers).I think I'll
>> use the urllib.quote function in order to obtain this coding.
> Sounds sensible, offhand.

I changed my mind of course :-D
Now I'm working to implement a simple mail support in XPN using smptlib.

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