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keith krw at att.bizzzz
Sat Sep 11 22:45:32 CEST 2004

On Sat, 11 Sep 2004 16:05:52 +0000, SM Ryan wrote:

> # But France, Germany and Russia would have nothing to do with that.
> # It would stop their cash flows with Saddam if we had tried to build
> France said all along it would agree to military action in Iraq
> _if_ NBC weapons or development where discoverrd.
> So where are these weapons?

We don't know.  We *do* know they had them.  We don't know what happened
to them (though some have shown up).  Indeed I hope they did disappear
into a black hole somewhere (never to be seen again).

> France and Germany are in Afghanistan fighting and dying on our behalf,
> along with other NATO armies. 

Our?  Al-Quida is only a US issue?  France and Germany have nothing to
fear from terrorism?

> Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism

Bullshit.  It may have had nothing to do with 9/11, but only the infirm
would believe Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism.

> except for the echoing looniness inside Dick Cheney's empty skull. 

You're projecting again.

> The
> real war on terrorism is in Afghanistan which the USA abandonned in
> search of more profitable plunder. 

Oh, please!  No one abandoned Afghanistan.  Just because it's not first
up on Dan Blather, doesn't mean it fell off teh radar screen.

> France and Germany and other NATO
> armies are fighting the war on terrorism, and they were doing so long
> before the USA got involved. It's the USA that abandonned the war on
> terrorism in favour of trying to break OPEC and control the flow of oil
> from Arab states, not France and Germany.

...any more fairy tales?  France and Germany were the ones profiting,
under the table, from trade with Iraq under the Oil-for-Food program. 
They didn't want to kill the goose...

> # the cease fire.  With nobody watching the bad boy, he could # do
> anything he damned well wanted to, including allow transport # across
> his country from east to west.
> The borders of Iraq were far better regulated under Saddam than today.

Is that why there were so many terrorists living in Iraq?  I thought
Saddam had nothing to do with terrorism?  ...can't have it both ways.

> The chaos that USA inflicted openned the borders. 

Perhaps.  Iran and Syria do not want Iraq to be free.  Much of the funding
for the "insurgents" is from Iran and Syria.  

> Remember Bunker Hill? Remember Valley Forge? Remember Yorktown? 

How about Antietam, Harpers Ferry, and Gettysburgh?  ...or maybe Pearl
Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway, Guada Canal?  See I can name irrelevant battles

> Do you think only Americans are capable of taking up arms against a
> foreign occupier and fighting for their independence? We have become the
> redcoats and Hessians. Makes you kinda proud, doesn't it?

The US seems to be the only one with a real military left.  The French?
Italy?  Canada?


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