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Erik Heneryd erik at
Mon Sep 27 16:14:55 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:
> Jeremy Bowers wrote:
>> On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:28:43 +0200, Erik Heneryd wrote:
>>> I can't help to crack a smile every time I see that URL.  I doubt it 
>>> ever helped anyone, 
>> I think you mis-understand who it is supposed to help. That link is not
>> "Hey, this might help you, the poster.", it's "If you want any more help
>> from us, the minimal standards of helping us help you is laid out in this
>> document, as you've demonstrated you don't know. Further inquiries not
>> meeting this standard will most likely be ignored."
>> In other words, it is to help the helpers, by cleanly laying out the
>> requirements, not really the asker. In that regard it works; since that
>> link became popular I haven't seen a flamewar over the standards of 
>> asking
>> for help. It has done exactly what it was supposed to do.
> In addition, it's posted not only for the OP, who may well
> ignore it as some do, but also for the benefit of others
> who are lurking, possibly new but possibly not, and who
> are about to post a question of their own.
> You might also say it's for the benefit of many of the old-timers
> who are here, providing the answers.  Any such who *haven't*
> taken the time to read it, 10000 words or not, should do so
> at the earliest opportunity.  It isn't perfect, but it could
> well save you some time, embarrassment, or a public whipping.
> -Peter

Uhm...  sure.  The point is that it *is* intimidating and that you'll 
have to be pretty darn dedicated to asking/answering to consider it 
worth the time.

Also, It's often used as an answer to dumb questions, without even a 
hint of what's stupid about it.  That's simply counterproductive. 
Simply stating "That's a stupid questiong, think about it, use common 
sense" would be more helpful.

And note that I wasn't talking about it's use in this thread or even 
c.l.p, but in general.


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