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Alan Balmer <albalmer at att.net> writes:
> The shuttle boosters are 3.7m diameter. Quite a bit larger than the
> gage of any railroad I've ever seen.

but they did have to be transported from utah to florida ... so while
the gauge may not have been issue ... there were things like
bridges, tunnels, etc. My understanding was the sectioning
was specifically because of length transportion issues.

i have some recollection of competing bids building single unit
assemblies at sea coast sites allowing them to be barged to
florida. supposedly the shuttle boosters were sectioned specifically
because they were being fabricated in utah and there were
transportation constraints.

shortly have the disaster ... some magazine carried a story spoof
about columbus being told that his ships had to be built in the
mountains where the trees grew ... and because of the difficulty of
dragging them down to the sea ... they were to be built in sections
... and then tar would be used to hold them together when they were
put to sea.

earlier thread on this subject
http://www.garlic.com/~lynn/2001c.html#83 CNN reports...

this has 149 feet long as 12 feet diameterin four sections from utah

... making each section about 40 foot long.  12 foot high and wide on
flatbed .... 15-16 high (on flatbed) clears bridges and overpasses and
12 foot wide should hopefully be within bridge width restrictions.

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