i am going to get crazy!!!

Ian J Cottee ian at cottee.org
Wed Sep 15 15:10:04 CEST 2004

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 15:06:04 +0900, Ian J Cottee <ian at cottee.org> wrote:
>>Must resist religious wars. Must resist religious wars BUT :-) ... Emacs
>>*is* an IDE. More integrated than many others. And to be fair VIM is an
> Ian, I sincerely don't want to spawn a religious war. That's why I
> made my point clear: there are two types (classes?) of developers, and
> there's nothing wrong with it -- it's just a matter of choice,
> dictated to a great extent by their particular needs.

Well - I did put a smiley in but ... awwwww. What'a a little religious 
war between friends? ;-).

> Now, while *great* for what it's proposed to do, Emacs is not an IDE,
> in the sense that people that actually use IDEs mean. It's an editor
> (and a powerful one at this), but it's not an IDE. What  *I* (and
> other IDE-lovers) mean when mentioning IDE is a different type of
> software.

I think my problem with your comments is you think the world is split 
between those who 'get' IDEs and those who don't. I think the first IDE 
I ever used was Think C on the Mac. Since then I've used quite a few - 
the most commonly known was Delphi which fulfilled most of your criteria 
from below. For full integration I'll shudder at the memories of VB and 

Now, I was going to comment on the remaining points you made but I'll 
start sounding religious again. ;-). Honestly, I understand what you are 
after (well, I believe I do) - it's probably similar to what I am after 
as well. I haven't found it and therefore use Emacs.

Somebody else commented a few weeks back that they'd thrown away all 
their fancy tools and gone back to just using Scintilla and were more 
productive for it. I think I can understand that. Sometimes I spend so 
much time modifying modes and tweaking settings that productivity 
slumps. I should stop my quest and get on with some work.


PS You have a very well written blog. I'm enjoying reading it.

PPS For the record, I use wxDesigner for wxPython form design. 
http://www.roebling.de/. It's commercial but cheap.

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