Izzie nomail at edu
Sat Sep 18 18:12:39 CEST 2004

john wrote:

> Will this improve performance or have i gone nuts??

Since you have more computationally intensive steps
(XSLT is no walk in the park) to do I don't think that
it will directly improve the performance at all.

What gets improved is the modularity and generality
of your solution. In your system you can now freely
interchange the backends and frontends. You program
will work with any other backend that produces XML
and any other display that can transform from XML.
This independence can be great.

On the other hand I have been seriously bitten
by XSLT. Writing complicated and reusable stylesheets
that remain readable seems to be impossible.
And it is difficult to foresee how complicated
the stylesheets need to be.

The weakest link in your pipeline is XSLT.


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