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Sion Arrowsmith siona at
Wed Sep 22 18:18:03 CEST 2004

kevin  <kevin_spencer_2 at> wrote:
>I am talking about pure functionality we all want, advanced debugging ,
>inline object information ,

I don't want inline object information. I want object information
over there --> so it's to hand should I need it and out of the way
and not cluttering up my workspace according to someone else's idea
of how I would be most productive when I don't.

> fast proyect development,etc.

Yes, but I want to develop projects along the lines that are best
suited to the task and the development context, not just those
that the IDE developer thought of.

> you cant deny that some of the
>features i mentioned are realy time saver , at least if you saw the
>screenshoots especialy the first one .

Popping up a spurious extra control window over the insertion point
as you're typing is a *time saver*? Now I know you're not serious.

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