Build a project from the script using popen3

Larry Bates lbates at
Fri Sep 10 15:31:58 CEST 2004

You may have more success using the mangled (8.3)
directory names in your pathnames.  The ones with
spaces in them (e.g. Program Files) is the problem.
On my machine the mangled name for Program Files is
Progra~1 (they can be seen with dir /x command at
command prompt).  There may be another way to use
the long filenames, but I'll bet this will be the

Larry Bates
Syscon, Inc.

"Ruchika" <ruchika_khera at> wrote in message
news:82880e86.0409091527.342d9754 at
> Hi,
> I want to build an embedded Visual C++ project from the python script.
> This is what I do -
> evc = r'"C:\Program Files\Microsoft eMbedded C++
> 4.0\Common\EVC\Bin\EVC.EXE"'
> proj = r'"C:\Handheld\SC10\GFSDK\dev\Drivers\CE.EVC4\GFHAL\GFHAL.Vcp"'
> config = "GFHAL - Win32 (WCE ARMV4) Release"
> print '%s %s /MAKE %s /REBUILD' % (evc, proj, config)
> inf, out, err = os.popen3( '%s %s /MAKE %s /REBUILD' % (evc, proj,
> config))
> print err.readlines()
> I get the following error message - "["'C:\\Program' is not recognized
> as an internal or external command,\n", 'operable program or batch
> file.\n']".
> I wanted to make sure the path is right. So I tried to open the
> project workspace using popen3 and succeeded -
> inf, out, err = os.popen3( '%s' % (proj))
> Is something wrong with the way i am using the build command in the
> script? I am sure the build command is fine because I ran it on the
> command line before trying it in the script. Can we not run the build
> command from inside the script?
> Am I using "/" in /MAKE and /REBUILD correctly in the script?
> Thanks,
> Ruchika

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