Unicode string in python-plplot?

Wojciech Zabolotny wzab at ipebio15.ise.pw.edu.pl
Tue Sep 21 15:11:47 CEST 2004

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Fernando Perez wrote:
> You might want to try matplotlib.  I don't specifically know about its unicode
> support, but I'd guess it's either there or can be added if you point out
> problems.  Matplotlib is very actively developed, and has a really clean
> interface which allows interactive and off-line plots, as well as being
> available as a widget you can embed in your own Tk, GTK or WX apps.
Thanks a lot, it really was a good solution.
I had some problems with unicode in matplotlib as well, however
the essential was to select the proper unicode capable backend (GTK)
BEFORE i imported the matlab emulation.
Below is my code snippet (based on the matplotlib tutorial example) which
succesfully displays unicode string:

# -*- Encoding: iso-8859-2 -*-
import matplotlib
from matplotlib.matlab import *
from matplotlib.font_manager import *
p = FontProperties()
font = {'fontname'   : 'Lucida',
        'color'      : 'r',
        'fontweight' : 'bold',
        'fontsize'   : 16}
title(u'Wykres z polskimi literkami ąćęłńóśżź',font)

Thank a lot,
Wojtek Zabolotny

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