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Morten Reistad wrote:
> <jmfbahciv at aol.com> wrote:
>> Morten Reistad <firstname at lastname.pr1v.n0> wrote:
... snip ...
>>> TCP/IP was launched in 1982, and the Internet (or the Arpanet,
>>> rather) converted Jan 1st 1983; with final NCP service turned
>>> off everywhere by mid march 1983.
>> Aha!  Whew!  Then my memory isn't completely gone.  If it was
>> launched in 1982, then they had to have been yakking about it
>> in 1980 and 1981.
> The period 1978-1982 was the intense design phase of the
> infrastructure of the modern Internet. It would have been on
> the mind of IT engineers worldwide.

Back in those days (early 70s) we hired a consultant for some of
our software development, both because I was overloaded and
because I didn't know enough.  He was Gerry Ogdin, out of the
Washington area, and active in the development of the Arpanet.

I learned a good deal from him, and managed to largely ignore his
irascibility etc.  That may have been connected with the fact that
he later (so I have been told) underwent a sex change operation
and became Geraldine.

I wonder what became of him/her.

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