PEP 335: Overloadable Boolean Operators - Official Posting

Greg Ewing greg at
Mon Sep 13 07:07:52 CEST 2004

John Roth wrote:
> A second comment is that I think you need seven slots - the
> 'rand2' and 'ror2' slots seem to be missing.

If you're talking about the C-level slots, that's not
a mistake. If you look, you'll find that *none* of the
__rxxx__ methods exist at the C level. If the left
operand doesn't define a slot for an operator, the
*same* C-level slot of the right operand is called,
with the operands in the same order. The implementations
of these slots for user-defined classes sort this out
and call __xxx__ or __rxxx__ Python methods as

> A third comment is that I think the 'and1' and 'or1'
> should return either True or False, meaning 'short
> circuit with the current value on top of the stack',
> or 'continue with the evaluation with the current
> value on top of the stack'. I'd like to see a discussion
> of why this (IMO conceptually simpler) option
> wasn't chosen.

It's in the interests of generality. Without use cases,
it's admittedly unknown whether this amount of generality
will ever be needed.

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