ANN: WxInter

David Fraser davidf at
Tue Sep 7 10:04:14 CEST 2004

Ed Suominen wrote:
> WxInter is a drop-in replacement for TkInter, providing user-transparent
> wxPython-based replacements for each and every part of the Tkinter class
> library. Because wxPython can do anything that the ancient and stagnant
> TkInter can do (but with a themable, modern window appearance), legacy code
> will still run, looking better than ever, and Python's last connection to
> the Tcl/TK albatross will be forever broken.
> OK, I just made all this up. But why couldn't it happen? I'd even be tempted
> to code it myself, but I'm sure others with some wxPython experience could
> do it much faster and better.

I think its a fantastic idea, and since you thought of it, why not 
start? Then others can jump in.
You may want to suggest this on the wxPython-users mailing list


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