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Chuck Dillon spam at nimblegen.com
Tue Sep 21 15:38:00 CEST 2004

SM Ryan wrote:

> In short, ding dong, the President _does_ have independent intelligence
> gatherring ability. It's called the executive branch, and it's at his
> beck and call for all legal orders. It's that commander in chief bit.

You missed the part of the constitution that speaks of checks and 
balances.  By definition the 3 branches are co-dependent. 
Administration and oversight of our intelligence systems/agencies have 
been pretty sophisticated for a long time.  Are you suggesting that 
somehow this administration has completely restructured it in just 3.5 
years and somehow undermined the oversight authority of the congress? 
If, so you have a very high opinion of the abilities of this 
administration.  I assume you think Tony Blair accomplished the same 
thing in the U.K...

-- ced

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