annoying behavior

Dave Brueck dave at
Wed Sep 29 01:04:15 CEST 2004

Michael Hoffman wrote:
> Elbert Lev wrote:
>> I think, it would be good, if some sort of warning is given during
>> import, but not during instantiating the instance of the class. At
>> least in a "debug" mode. What really did happen: the bug was reported
>> after the scrip was running for 30 minutes. PyCheck finds it
>> immediatelly. Why not to do the same kind of check in the interpreter?
> Can you post the results of your PyChecker run and the exact input to it?
> I think that what you want the Python compiler to do is harder than you 
> think it is, and not all cases will be caught unless you actually run 
> the program.

Also, it's not necessarily a mistake/bug, which is why it would make sense for 
PyChecker to report it as a warning (if at all) and not the interpreter.

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