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> I was never aware that DEC offered TCP/IP. 

You'll have seen my later post about "TCP/IP Services for Vax/VMS"
(which, a niggle tells me, had a different name, either before or after).
This was written by the Unix developers at DEC, and consequently was very
kuldgy and astonishingly badly-documented (for those of us used to the
high quality of VMS documentation).

Did you never see a 

> Politics and not timing was why TCP/IP didn't get into VMS:
> d|i|g|i|t|a|l backed the European horse that never ran as it fitted
> better with their network hardware capabilities and DECnet plans.
> It also meant they did not have to deal with those BBN guys that had
> developed a competing OS and network. 
> They had whole suites of products layered on top of DECnet that were
> sold to European governments and contractors. 

Can you say "Colour Book Software"? :-(

(Mind you, unattended file transfer running overnight beats FTP hands

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