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Chuck Dillon spam at nimblegen.com
Tue Sep 21 21:39:43 CEST 2004

CBFalconer wrote:
> Chuck Dillon wrote:
>>CBFalconer wrote:
> ... snip ...
>>>Then why does he ignore them, as evidenced by his non-response to
>>>the July report on the future of Iraq, which was kept secret until
>>>a few days ago?
>>You have no basis from which to judge how or whether there was a
>>response.  Just because you're not in the loop doesn't mean there
>>is no loop.
> On the contrary, I have a basis.  GWB has continued to bray about
> "staying the course" since the report was available to him.

Which of course is a basis of nothing.

It appears you consider reports from intelligence reliable enough for 
the administration to take action with a sense of urgency.  So you must 
support actions taken last year based on similar intelligence right? 
You also seem to support delegating control to whomever writes a 
sufficiently gloomy report.

-- ced

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