It's in Python. It just _works_!

Grant Edwards grante at
Fri Sep 3 01:59:41 CEST 2004

A few months back I wrote a sort of a strip-chart recorder
program that talks DeviceNet to a measurement widget and plots
the received data in more-or-less real time using the Gnuplot
module.  It was written on Linux system with absolutely no
thought given to portability.  It's nothing big (about 650
lines of code).

Today, just for fun, I decide to try to run it under Win32.
After installing the Numeric and Gnuplot modules, I only had to
make 1-line changes to two places in the code, and it started

Apparently, the file descriptor you get from a socket object
under Win32 can't be used with and os.write()?  I
couldn't find anywhere in the docs that said so, but I sure
couldn't get it to work.  At least not under WinMe.

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