gmpy 1.0 for python 2.4 alpha 2 Windows-packaged

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Thu Sep 2 10:42:35 CEST 2004

Thanks to David Bolen, who did the build, I have been able to make
available a win32 packaging for gmpy 1.0 on python 2.4 alpha 2 (should
work on any later Python 2.4 as well, but I have no way to check it at
all).  I can't reach sourceforge at the moment, so I have meanwhile put
the exe file up at:

Users of both gmpy and python 2.4 on windows are invited to dowload and
install this, try it out, and let me know.  There are a few known
glitches David tells me about:
It seems to pass the tests (other than the scan ones noted)
with the exception of a bunch gmpy_test_rnd.rand due to changing
traceback output in 2.4.  I also had to remove the use of doctest.master
since it looks like that's deprecated in 2.4 (it's no longer exported
by the module's __all__).

Thanks to David, and to any users who can help me out, since I can't do
any testing on this build myself!


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