Ranting about the state of Python IDEs for Windows

Frithiof Andreas Jensen frithiof.jensen at die_spammer_die.ericsson.com
Wed Sep 15 14:25:57 CEST 2004

"Carlos Ribeiro" <carribeiro at gmail.com> wrote in message
news:mailman.3307.1095171351.5135.python-list at python.org...
> Now that I'm ranting, I have some ideas to solve this problem. My
> dream is to have a different approach for the window manager -- one
> that not only saves sessions, but is able to manage sessions in a more
> effective way.

There you go again ;-)

The newer graphics cards such as the plain vanilla NVIDIA GF 2 MX, comes
with such a functionality: N-View.

But Again, this is likely to demand a New PC.

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