Problem with a dictionary program....

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Tue Sep 28 15:56:11 CEST 2004

"Ling Lee" <janimal at> wrote in message
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> and I have to use the raw_input method to get the number:
> indput : raw_input(" Tell me the number you want to transform to textuel
> representaion")
> The I have to transform the input to a string
> indput = str(indput)

Actually, the value returned by raw_input() *is* a string, but you might
want to check to see whether the user has actually typed in an integer as
opposed to typing, say, "Go away you stupid computer."

    indput = str(int(indput))
except ValueError:
    print "No, you need to give me an integer."

> Will one of you be so kind and tell me how I count the lengt of the indput
> number i was thinking on something like input.count[:] but that dosnt
> work...

You could consider using the built-in function len().

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