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Chuck Dillon spam at nimblegen.com
Tue Sep 14 16:46:52 CEST 2004

Greg Menke wrote:
> Chuck Dillon <spam at nimblegen.com> writes:
>>Antony Sequeira wrote:
>>>Chuck Dillon wrote:
>>>How is that related to Saqqddam Hussqqqqqain being a jackass and us
>>>spending 100 or whatever billions on removing him and having 1000+
>>>of Americans + unknown number of Iraqqqqqis getting killed. How does
>>>that help avoid
>>>9 qqqq  11 or are you confused between Iraqqqqqis and Saudqqqqis ?
>>If you reread the post that you responded to you will see it has
>>nothing to do with Iraq.
>>However, to answer your question: How does regime change in Iraq help
>>avoid another 9/11...
>>	1) It removes one of the states that might consider sponsing
>>such a future attach.
> Wouldn't it have made more sense to invade Saudi Arabia?  Thats where
> the terrorist money and terrorist leadership is from.  Iraq is chump
> change on that account- heck, even Iran or Syria would've made a much
> better target on this basis.  Or are we such bullies that we'll pick
> the weakest kid to beat up to show how strong we are?

Please try and follow the trend of the thread you respond to.  I did 
not address whether or not regime change in Iraq was an optimal move. 
I'm responding to the question posed, see above for what it was.

Regardless of how we got where we are there are arguably benefits to 
the "war on terror".  That doesn't mean you should miopically focus on 
them as the sole rationale for regime change in Iraq.  See the various 
U.N Security Counsil resolutions for the primary rationale.  Also, see 
the reports from Blix et.al. that point out the lack of cooperation on 
the part of the Iraqi government.

>>	6) It underscores that 9/11 should go into the "bad idea"
>>category for future planners of Islamic extremist operations.
> Afganistan taught that.  

Hence my use of the qualifier "underscores".

> Iraq teaches the Islamic world that we're
> crazy.

By "we" you are referring to the some 40 nations who have contributed 
to the effort right?

-- ced

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