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Jorge Godoy godoy at ieee.org
Thu Sep 16 02:39:04 CEST 2004

Carlos Ribeiro <carribeiro at gmail.com> writes:

> The biggest problem for we third-world money-impaired users that many
> people don't realize is that we charge for our services in the local
> currency, but have to buy stuff in strong currency (dollars or euros).
> That's what kills us. *If* the conversion rate were lower (1:1, for
> example, as it was a not so long time ago) it would be possible. I'll
> tell you some figures.

It was a good time that one.  But then, it was an artificial and
unsustainable situation for the economics of Brasil.  If it had been
more recently, then I believe it would last longer.

> An average programmer in Brazil makes betwen R$ 800,00 to R$
> 2000,00/month. The actual income, roughly converted, is in the US$ 270
> -- US$ 650 range. Yes - is this low. Senior programmers or analyst can
> make more, specially if they live in São Paulo, but then the actual
> cost of living will make a much bigger dent on their income.  In other
> words - a US$ 300 tool is too expensive.

And you are taking a good income (R$ 2000,00).  I explained about the
minimum wage here...  US$ 80.00 against the (I believe) US$ 1100.00 in
the US and probably something like that in the EU countries. 

> (AFAIK, there are some companies that run special discounts for
> customers in third world countries. That's fair for software, I think.
> It's a shame no more companies do the same)

Specially with the distribution model where you download everything from
the Internet...  No storage costs, no S&H costs... 

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