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Fri Sep 3 23:34:39 CEST 2004

Alan Balmer <albalmer at att.net> writes:
> I'm not a fan of Mr Hatch, but blaming him for the shuttle disaster(s)
> is somewhat over the top. Why not blame President Bush? That's the
> popular thing nowadays.

i never made any referrence to people or personalities ... somebody
else did.

i just repeated the claims after the disaster about majority of the
other launch things were single section and barged to the launch site
(as well as the alternative booster proposals).

the issue of the gaskets is pretty well established as being required
for the sectional manufactoring ... predicated on the dimensional
restrictions on overland train transportation ... that was perceived
to have been a pretty unique ... when other major deliverables have
been built in single section and barged to launch site.

from a purely fucntional standpoint to somebody's leap with regard to
personabilities ... is somebody else's doing.

i would say that any argument about the personality issues
... shouldn't creap into purely straight forward issue about whether
all manufactoring assemblies require sectioning because of
transportation restrictions. lots of assemblies are made in single
sections and barged to florida. 

i can see taking issue with somebody (else) over their possible
personality assertions ... but that shouldn't also result in comments
about whether sectioning is required for all possible modes of

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