Steve Holden: mail problem? (was Re: list/tuple to dict...)

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Sep 16 16:38:42 CEST 2004

phansen wrote:

> Steve Holden wrote:
> [some stuff]
> Steve, I tried replying via email with a content-free
> response but got back a message that suggests your
> mail server might be having troubles.  The bounce
> comes from postmaster at your site, and says
> "User mailbox exceeds allowed size: sholden at"
> Maybe you've got a "leave mail on server" checkbox ticked?
> -Peter

I'm not actually using that address any more, having received over 
40,000 emails in a thirty-day period. I guess to keep the auto-responder 
working I need to flush the content periodically. Sigh. F*****g spammers.

I've changed my Reply-to address now - thanks!


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