gmpy 1.0 for python 2.4 alpha 2 Windows-packaged

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Fri Sep 3 06:02:38 CEST 2004

[Alex Martelli]
> ...
> There are a few known glitches David tells me about:
> """
> It seems to pass the tests (other than the scan ones noted)
> with the exception of a bunch gmpy_test_rnd.rand due to changing
> traceback output in 2.4.  I also had to remove the use of
> doctest.master since it looks like that's deprecated in 2.4 (it's no
> longer exported by the module's __all__).
> """

Ya, Edward Loper, Jim Fulton and I have made massive changes to
doctest for 2.4, refactoring it mercilessly.

doctest.master was a poorly documented attempt at starting to build a
framework for managing multiple tests, but as far as I knew it was
entirely unused -- all the heavy doctest users I knew about used
unittest frameworks, and so 2.4 has grown stronger ways of working
with unittest drivers instead.  It's also grown much saner "doctest
runner" kinds of classes as part of that, as opposed to the old
doctest.master global.  Under a hopeful belief that nobody was using
that anyway, I didn't gripe when Edward refactored it out of
existence.  This is the first time we've heard that anyone *was* using

I suppose we could hack one back in, but I'd rather volunteer to
rewrite the gmpy tests to use the stronger 2.4 gimmicks ...

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