Simple XMLRPC-server with http/multicast cabilities

Thomas 2002 at
Tue Sep 14 19:42:03 CEST 2004


Sorry for the stupid subject, but here it goes:

I need a simple Webserver which can 

1. serve xmlrpc-methods
2. send multicast packets on local network to get response from a
similar server acting as master on the given network
3. somehow serve a single file using simple http/webserver methods to


I'm got several servers which a want to monitor. There is one master
server on my workstation holding global configuration data and one
slave server on each fileserver. When started the slave server sends a
multicast packet on the local network and gets a response from the
server acting as master. Then it uses xmlrpc to fetch config-data. The
master can send it a command to scan it's filesystem using xmlrpc and
the slave server will provide a simple report available as a
webpage.The master server can collect reports from all of the slave
servers and present this to the user on the workstation. 

I want to use modules in the standard python distro, ie.
SimpleXMLRPCServer, but if I have to I can also use Twisted ( but I'd
prefer to use pure Python-distro modules in the slave servers to
reduce installation size etc. )

Any clues on how to do this would be highy appreciated

Best regards,

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