Question: tools for business apps development

Daniel Ellison daniel at
Tue Sep 7 16:49:42 CEST 2004

Ksenia Marasanova wrote:

>> And web-based apps are thought to be limited, not interactive
>> or responsive enough for the job (the dependence on heavy Javascript
>> programming doesn't help it either).
> One of possibilities is to use Flash (in a browser) for GUI. I am 
> thinking about using it for some project that also needs more 
> interactivity: Flash for frontend, Python for backend (Web service using 
> You can use Flash IDE for fast GUI builing, and code the flow of your 
> GUI in Action Script files, using your favorite editor.
> The sad part of this approach is that you can't program everything in 
> Python. The nice part is the maintainability (no install, automatically 
> download of the latest version).
> But these are my thoughts... I wonder what people say who actually did 
> it :)
> Ksenia.

It's actually a very effective solution, in my experience. You get a 
cross-platform, very smart client talking to the server of your choice. 
When I used this approach (pre-Python-discovery) I wrote the server in 
Java and all messages were exchanged as XML. Now I would make the same 
choice as you: Python server using XML-RPC.


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