Alternatives for the CSV module

madsurfer2000 at madsurfer2000 at
Sun Sep 12 22:25:34 CEST 2004

Skip Montanaro wrote:
> Well, I might disagree with you there.  By all reasonable accounts,
> delimited files containing multi-character delimiters are not CSV
files, at
> least not as operationally defined by Excel (which I mention only
> it's probably the largest producer and consumer of such files).

I agree. I should have called it delimited files.

> That's pretty generic.  How about this (untested):
> ...
> The goal is of course to pick a delimiter which won't appear in the
> hence the Ctl-A.

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking about a similar solution, and
maybe that's easier than searching for other parsers.

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