Social Analysis and Modeling for Python

Bishara Gabriel bgabriel at
Wed Sep 29 21:53:30 CEST 2004

Marxian class analysis is particularly suited to this demonstration but 
in our demonstration model we will operate from multiple theoretical 
constructs, displaying the power of our method.  The intent is to show 
how Python is well suited to social analysis and not the other way 
around.  I hope this is clear.

What particular realms are you referring to when you speak of adding value?

Your feedback is much appreciated, thank you.

Bishara Gabriel

>I am sure Python can be a great tool, but why no citations re existing
>"social models" that you mention? If you propose to "... show
>how social models can be mentally approached in such a way that there
>exists a one-to-one correlation between their theoretical model and the
>Python equivalent," ISTM your proposal would sound more concrete if you
>pointed to a specific "theoretical model" as your choice for a
>how-to-do-it-with-Python demonstration.
>Also citations of related work, and why your project adds value (besides
>advertising our favorite language ;-)
>Bengt Richter

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