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SM Ryan wyrmwif at tango-sierra-oscar-foxtrot-tango.fake.org
Tue Sep 21 10:44:20 CEST 2004

# >They have committees, they don't have independent
# >intelligence-gathering ability.
# >
# Neither does President Bush - he doesn't have time for all those field
# trips. That's why he gets reports from the various intelligence
# agencies, who also report to the Congressional intelligence
# committees.

You're right. He is the Excuses president.

In case you missed reading the Constitution in school, briefly, the CIA,
the DoD and its intelligence staffs, the State Department and its intelligence
staffs, the FBI, DoJ, BATF, etc etc etc etc are all part of the executive
branch. The only elected officer of the executive branch, from whom all other
executive officers draw their authority, is the President.

In short, ding dong, the President _does_ have independent intelligence
gatherring ability. It's called the executive branch, and it's at his
beck and call for all legal orders. It's that commander in chief bit.

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