Don't let your babies grow up to be programmers (was: up with PyGUI!)

Ville Vainio ville at
Fri Sep 24 15:55:25 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Luis" == Neuruss  <luismg at> writes:

    Luis> Now you see China, India, Brazil and other countries that
    Luis> are doing well, improving the condition of their
    Luis> inhabitants, getting them out of missery and incorporating
    Luis> them to the global market.  Those foreigners buy american
    Luis> products, now more than before because they have more money,
    Lkuis> thus improving the profit of the monsters mentioned above.

What are these American products they are buying? Coca Cola and Big
Macs (which are probably locally produced)? MSFT Windows?

I don't really see a need for any American products when much cheaper
alternatives are available, from Asia and elsewhere.

However, that's all irrelevant. Corporations are going to move jobs
away from the US anyway, because it makes sense financially. If they
can save a buck, it doesn't matter if that puts 1000 (perceivedly)
overpaid americans out of their jobs. It's not like those specific
laid-off workers were using their salaries to buy the company products
in the first place.

    Luis> This is the internet age. I hope that it contributes to make
    Luis> the poor less poor and the rich not so rich, and maybe, in a
    Luis> distant future we will have a better world for all of us.

Well, at least it contributes to making the rich (people, not
countries) much richer, while reducing the overall wealth of rich
countries. I guess it won't be the end of the world if the first world
countries can bear the burden of the resulting unemployment - it's
much more comfortable to be poor in a country that doesn't routinely
hit -20C on winters ;-).

Personally, I don't care much either way because Finland is one of
those countries with low salaries for engineers, with the unfortunate
twist of the cost of living being high as well.

Ville Vainio

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