age of Python programmers

Paul McNett p at
Thu Sep 2 17:25:10 CEST 2004

Andrew Durdin writes:

> There seem to be a lot of Pythoneers who started with BASIC
> -- I guess that's what came with most "home computers" in
> those days.

I'm 35 now and while I did some BASIC programming back in 
'80-'82 on my Apple ][ 16K system in between playing Castle 
Wolfenstein, Lode Runner, and Wizardry, I come to Python 
programming from a FoxPro background, and have found Python to 
be easy to learn, capable, dynamic, fun to use, easy to read, 
easy to prototype, easy to debug, and did I say fun to use?

Building data-centric 3-tier desktop and web business apps is 
what I'm using Python for, and I'm thrilled with the new 
decimal type and the general improvement of Python at a nice 
and steady rate.

Paul McNett
Independent Software Consultant

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