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Bryan belred1 at
Sat Sep 25 03:27:03 CEST 2004

Carlos Ribeiro wrote:
> I was one of the frequent posters on the many tools/ides/gui threads
> that appeared here over the past weeks. I'm now partly satisfied. My
> search for a good IDE that is usable in my lowend machine is still not
> completed. But I found a good setup using a free editor and PythonWin
> working together.
> I'm using Crimson Editor, a small freeware editor. The most
> interesting part is that it isn't the most featured of all editors
> I've tried; it isn't as powerful as vi or emacs, but has one feature
> that I wanted the most, that is a fairly simple project management
> tool. It simply allows me to organize a list of files that I'm using
> for a project on the left pane. I can click on a file to open it. It's
> amazingly useful when you're dealing with "hot" files stored on
> several different directories, and you don't have to remember where is
> it located, or to manually walk the open file dialog looking for it.
> I'm using PythonWin for testing, mostly because the Windows console is
> so braindead, and because PythonWin help is quick well organized (it's
> about the same that you find in the web, but a little bit more
> convenient).
> I'm also evaluating Wing IDE 2.0; I had a few issues with it that were
> solved, but for some tasks I found it too heavy for my limited
> resources. Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on it.
> --

i do a lot of python (and jython) programming and i use crimson editor and pythonwin also.  in fact, i use crimson 
editor for everything.  i've even associated just about every file type in windows to crimson editor :)


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