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>>>>>>> Windows (MS) is not 'Unixism'?
>>>>>> If by unixism, you mean any operating system that has a
>>>>>> hierarchical filesystem and byte stream files, yes. But that
>>>>>> would include quite a few other non-Unix operating systems,
>>>>>> including Mac OS 9, Prologue and probably everything else this
>>>>>> side of CP/M (DOS 1.x shall be deemed to be CP/M).
>>>>> DOS 2.x+ shall be deemed to be CP/M+!
>>>> Wasn't it in version 2 that they added directories and
>>>> Unix-style file handles ?
>>> Yes, and also a single-process pipe emulator.  Ever since 2.0, MS has
>>> been trying to turn MS-DOS (later, Windows) into a Unix clone.
>> MS has been borrowing code from Unix to create a real OS: TCP/IP;
>> NTFS<-ffs; memory mapped files<-mmap.
>> Shame they keep trying to add their own ideas in too: that must be
>> what causes the crashes!
>You seeem misinformed.
>Microsoft swallowed up a team from DEC.
>The were developing a operating system called PRISM.

Which was Cutler's view of what VMS should be.  Assuming
he hadn't change, this would not have delivered computing
system services to users.

>When the project was cancelled they quit DEC in protest.
>These peaple had more than a 100 years of experience in developing  
>muliuser /
>mutitasking operating systems between them.

100 years total isn't much experience.

> .. The fact that the NT kernel is  
>entirely stable yet really shouldn't supprise anyone. Afterall Unix has  
>messed with
>it's kernel for 30 years.

PRISM is as old as Unix...actually older.



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