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>>>Don't you dittoheads ever get your facts right?
>>What's a "dittohead"? Are you trying to convey a personal insult of
>>some kind? Please let me know, so I can call you a name, too.
>A "dittohead" is someone who regularly listens to and agrees with Rush
>Limbaugh (popular conservative U.S. radio talk show host).  It is a
>tradition that callers on his show (at least those that agree with
>him) start their call with something like "Country redneck dittos to
>you, Rush," or "Hey, Rush, blues-pickin' Cajun dittos" before
>launching into the subject of their call.  It is intended to be an
>insult implying the "dittoheads" don't have any thoughts of their own,
>but merely are told what to think (probably by Rush), and do so.  The
>"dittoheads" have embraced the moniker but not the implication, seeing
>the insult as an act of desperation attacking the person (ad hominem)
>rather than addressing the issues.
Ah, I see. Under the circumstances, that last observation may be
correct, especially when extended to those who cover their lack of
knowledge by accusing others of not having their facts right.

I have seen most of a TV interview with Mr. Limbaugh, when he was in
the news for prescription drug abuse, and I have heard him on the
radio briefly a couple of times. I find it distasteful and switch to
Tony Snow <G>.

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