allowing braces around suites

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Fri Sep 3 15:47:07 CEST 2004

Op 2004-09-03, Carlos Ribeiro schreef <carribeiro at>:
> [Antoon Pardon]
>> Just because I think that
>>   for ...
>>     if ...
>>       for
>>         loop
>>         code
>>       endfor
>>     endif
>>   endfor
>>   remainder
>> is in general more readable than
>>   for ...
>>     if ...
>>       for ...
>>         loop
>>         code
>>   remainder
>> I'm writing spaghetti code.
> I would not go that far as to say that you are writing spaghetti code.
> But I really think that the Python-styled code is easier to read. It
> may be a matter of personal opinion.

Fine then we will have to agree to disagree on this point.

> One distinct advantage of
> Python's style is that it makes for a slightly shorter code, which in
> turn fits better into the editing window. And nothing stops you from
> using comments or whitespace to mark the end of the enclosed blocks.
> So this is not necessary... and insisting loudly on your point doesn't
> help, either.

But a lot of things are not necessary but ended up in python because
they were thought to be usefull. So that this is not necessary can
hardly be a strong point against it.

What irks me is that when some proposals are done, people come
with arguments against the proposal that would disallow a lot
of other things already in python if such an argument would
really be so strong.

Explicit is better than implicit is one that comes to mind.
If python wouldn't do anything implicit then python would
be a whole different language and IMO would probably be
far less usefull.

Antoon Pardon

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