python is going to die! =(

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Wed Sep 22 14:14:13 CEST 2004

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> > I do notice though that when I try to convince a co-worker to try
> > the thing that seems to be the biggest turn off is the lack of an IDE
with a
> > GUI designer included standard.  I guess my point is that the lack of a
> > standard GUI designer is not going to bother people who know Python, but
> > will prevent some, (perhaps many), outsiders from ever knowing Python
> > because they can't imagine programming without the IDE/GUI designer.  I
> > there are GUI designers available, but by the time you begin to tell
> > somebody that, they're already shaking their head and walking away.
> And you haven't tried kdevelop with qtdesigner?
> Or some similar combination of GTK-based IDEs/tools?

Is it available on Windows?  Does one need to download 2 or
3 different packages with different licensing?

If that's the case then it would be a hard sell in a
Windows environment.

Keeping in mind that it doesn't matter to *me* because I
code my GUI's in Tkinter.  It's when I try to convince
co-workers that Python is worth looking into that I come
across these objections.

The product that came closest to what I'm envisioning was
PythonWorks.  It used the included Tkinter libraries and
it was relatively expensive, (which for some strange reason
makes it more trustworthy to Windows people).  It was
basically an all-in-one package.  Unfortunately it's no longer
available, (probably because Pythonistas are more likely
to piece together what they want for free rather than pay
hundreds of dollars to get one package).

Oh well, hopefully IronPython will be a success.

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