Xah Lee's Unixism

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at acm.org
Fri Sep 3 15:41:48 CEST 2004

After a long battle with technology, Andre Majorel <amajorel at teezer.fr>, an earthling, wrote:
> On 2004-09-02, John Thingstad <john.thingstad at chello.no> wrote:
>> The fact that the NT kernel is not entirely stable yet really
>> shouldn't supprise anyone. Afterall Unix has messed with it's
>> kernel for 30 years.
> I feel compelled to point out that Linux achieved considerably
> better stability after just a few years.

Perhaps, but Linus and crew didn't have to start from not knowing what
Unix "ought" to look like, and had the perspective of being able to
look back at 20-odd years of the things that went well and badly with
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