Python or 4NT? With a question or two about popen()

Robin Siebler robin.siebler at
Mon Sep 13 01:52:51 CEST 2004

I have a bunch of command line tests that I need to automate.  I've
run into too many bugs with the default Win2k command shell, so I need
to either purchase 4NT or handle the logic and output processing with
Python.  I'm looking for experiences, comments, problems, etc.

Also, I'm trying to figure out how to use popen().  To say that the
documentation and expamples available for this is sparse would be the
understatment of the century!  I know that I want to use popen4() but
what is the difference between os.popen4(), win32pipe.popen4() and
popen2.popen4()(did I miss any?)?

And how, exactly, do I *use* popen4()?  I figured out how to use
popen(), but I haven't been too successfull with popen().  A good
example would really come in handy!  I have *5* Python books and not
one has an example for anything other than popen()!

Robin L. Siebler
Software Test Engineer
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