Deleting rows using PyDO from SkunkWeb

Jacob Smullyan smulloni at
Tue Sep 7 17:52:34 CEST 2004

Marcin Jurczuk <mj-usunto at> wrote in message news:<cg2719$c8$1 at>...
> Hello group.
> Could someone descripe how to delete many row at one time 
> from MySQL database using SkunkWeb PyDO pacgage ??
> Documentation is very short about that ...
> Assume that Base is class define like in PyDO doc, so
> adds new row..
> Documetation show ony delete() without any arguments.
> SQL query is like "DELETE FROM SESSIONS WHERE acc_time < '398984353'"

I just came across this by accident; PyDO questions are better asked
on the skunkweb mailing list.

But to answer it quickly -- the delete() method deletes a particular
instance (one row).  If you want delete a range of rows with a single
SQL statement, the best way is simply to use SQL, accessing the
underlying db connection:

  c.execute("DELETE FROM SESSIONS WHERE acc_time < '333333'")
  # this is equivalent to Sessions.getDBI().conn.commit()

Hope that helps,

Jacob Smullyan

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