python connection to mssql from windows box

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Sep 30 16:06:13 CEST 2004

[Josh Close]
| I use the Sybase module by object-craft for linux/python connections
| to mssql, and I refuse to use the mssql module due to these things
| listed on the main mssql page... [... snip stuff from web ...]

Your choice indeed. However, I have been using this module
on Windows for three years now across several different
versions of Python and SQL Server and Windows without any 
problems, without a single crash or example of unexpected 

Obviously you know your own needs better than me, but
for my needs the absence of params means %-ing params
into the string, the absence of callproc means passing
"EXECUTE ..." into the execute method and the absence
of commit/rollback means passing "COMMIT" into the execute
method, none of which I find overly cumbersome, especially
since I can (and do) easily wrap them in a helper module.

| So basically it *kind of* works, but not well. I'm talking about
| native windows module that uses the client tools api.

Not entirely sure what you mean by a "native windows module" -- if
you mean something supplied my Microsoft, then ADO / ODBC are your
only bets. If you simply mean something which calls into ntwdblib.dll
to access MSSQL, well this module does that.

There is also a pymssql at which
I downloaded recently but couldn't get to connect. However someone
else on this list seemed pleased with it at the time, IIRC.


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