Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Fri Sep 3 08:11:36 CEST 2004

Tim Daneliuk <tundra at> wrote:
Ha ha, very funny, but I think it's quite misplaced criticism.

As a Python stalwart, I'm _enthused_ to see Python-derived languages
emerging.  That's _exactly_ the right thing to do if you sort of like
Python BUT would want to see points A, B and C changed: make your OWN
language, derived from Python but with all the changes you wish.  As
opposed to posting here whining, clamoring, arguing or lobbying for
changes to Python, or criticizing Python's design choices, with is
exactly the _wrong_ thing to do and an utter waste of everybody's time.

I salute with happiness the emergence of several PDL's.  To me, it
signifies growing awareness that Python is no experimental state-of-the
art sandbox-language in which to try out your own language design idea,
be they innovative ones, or old and tired ones.  If you want a new
experimental language that's sort like Python, spin off your own --
DON'T post here criticizing Python or trying to change it.  If everybody
who doesn't like aspects X or Y of Python avoided posting here about
that,  and went off to do their own PDL instead, the world would be a
happier and better place.  And should any of the changes prove their
worth in the field, Python may eventually adopt them, or some variant of
them -- not likely but still more likely than such adoption coming from
the N-plus-1th rant here about (whatever feature it is that you
desperately want to add to Python).


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